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Our Friends of the Foundation are already playing a crucial role in their support of the OMF. It was important to us that the first businesses to support the Oli Mills Foundation, both from a financial and time perspective, were run by people or had links to people who had a personal connection with Oli and his family and friends.

With the above in mind, we could not have wished for a better set of businesses - all run by inspirational people with a real passion for giving back to the community. As we work together as a family of businesses and also engage with Verulam School, there will be more news, offers and ideas that we can all get involved in.

We are actively searching for more 'Friends of the Foundation' to join us and help ensure that teenagers don't have to face cancer alone - we'd love to hear from you.


Solicitors, based in Redbourn, St Albans are a small, but perfectly formed firm of solicitors specialising in Property Law and Private Client work carried out in a friendly and expert way

Continually exceeding expectations in the recruitment world.

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